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  • Richard Eaken, Collective Brands Inc.

    It was very rare to find a construction team whose honesty and integrity mirror those of my employer—Plowman Construction is one of those teams. Plowman Construction was instrumental in the meteoric expansion of the Payless ShoeSource chain during the 1980’s and 1990’s……Plowman Construction was one of our “go to” teams whenever we questioned the construction aspects of our several design iterations, whole-heartedly participating in developing the processes required to effectively transition our stores.—they were, and, to the best of my knowledge, still are, a “core” contractor for CBI. As Director of Construction, I was always happy to award a bid to Plowman Construction, as I knew there would be minimal issues or Field Work Orders, and that the timing of the construction would be accurately projected. In addition, I knew that the project would be closed out quickly. Most importantly, I knew that if I had questions or concerns, I could pick up the phone and reach a member of the Plowman Construction team, resolving any issue I had.

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